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Submission to the Provincial Data Strategy Consultation 2019 – Round 1

Here’s my submission to the provincial data strategy consultation, the first discussion paper (of three) is a good backgrounder on data issues. The questions are in italics and taken from the discussion paper. 5.1. – Privacy, Data Protection and Data Governance   How can the province ensure that

The Trouble with (and Power of) Sidewalk’s Silence on 12

Quick preface to this post, which is about the Sidewalk Toronto process. I am almost (truly) done reading Sidewalk Labs’ plan and continue to understand and see value in discussing the urban planning ideas in it. This post does not erase that sentiment. Those ideas

Demand Canada’s federal government step up on digital rights, now.

Sign this petition calling on Canada to create a digital rights strategy – In addition to ongoing debates about smart cities and surveillance capitalism, numerous recent events demonstrate how dangerous it is for Canadians to continue without human rights protections that are designed for the

Sidewalk Toronto — We’re Consulting on What, Exactly?

Governance. It’s Still a Problematic Governance Situation. Sidewalk Toronto recently released its public engagement plan, stating that public consultation for the project will begin in March. Still missing from the engagement plan is any clarity on exactly what Sidewalk Toronto is doing. Four months of relative silence