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The Trouble with (and Power of) Sidewalk’s Silence on 12

Quick preface to this post, which is about the Sidewalk Toronto process. I am almost (truly) done reading Sidewalk Labs’ plan and continue to understand and see value in discussing the urban planning ideas in it. This post does not erase that sentiment. Those ideas

Dear Toronto Star Editorial Board

Dear Toronto Star Editorial Board, (Andrew Phillips, Jordan Himelfarb, Dianne Rinehart, and Scott Colby). This is a quick post in response to the Toronto Star Editorial Board’s recent Sidewalk Toronto oped. The Star piece is titled: We Shouldn’t Settle for More of the Same on

Sidewalk Labs, the Candidate

Sidewalk Labs, the Candidate By Sean McDonald and Bianca Wylie Normally when we convey open-ended power over public spaces and policies, we do so to candidates through democratic election. In the Sidewalk Toronto case, through an open-ended request for proposal, that power may be offered

Public Engagement for Quayside – Notes v1

From now until October 31st is a critical time for the Sidewalk Toronto project.  Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs recently announced that if they couldn’t come to an agreement before then on some major items laid out by  Waterfront Toronto’s Chair, then they would be