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Democracy, Sovereignty, Technology, and so called Canada

We have to go back to go forward. Our power to do that is shrinking. Foreclose. The word summarizes a feeling I have been experiencing with mounting frequency over the past several years. Another way I describe the feeling is watching a collision in slow

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Digital Rights, Government IT, and Public Service Ethics

Layers beget layers and it all needs more public lawyers Two points of setup — one: significant amounts of power and money are moving faster than ever in this moment. Some of that power and money is moving around in the public procurement of technology

Sidewalk Toronto and What Happens in Silence over Time

This past weekend I was reflecting on what it means to have the kind of power that gives you the confidence to: 1. commit the public to a type of deal/process they didn’t ask for 2. can’t get out of, and 3. have no democratic

Sidewalk Toronto – The Whole is Other Than the Sum of its Parts

Bianca Wylie Parkdale, Toronto July 31, 2019 Dear Waterfront Toronto, As you wrap up this first round of consultation and continue with your deliberations I have two thoughts to share from a resident perspective. Firstly, “the whole is other than the sum of its parts.”

More Broken Process, Maybe an Exit Flag Too – The Time Between

Today the Wall Street Journal reported that Alphabet Inc. is “teaming up with its subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs LLC, and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) to launch an infrastructure holding company that is being spun out of Sidewalk.” Like the idea or not (and some clearly