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Finding Zack

So this morning while I was flying around on Twitter, reading some back and forth, I saw the name Zack Furness – @punkademic. And I was like HOLD ON, is it possible? So I sent him a quick message: The memories this triggered were wild.

Dear Toronto Star Editorial Board

Dear Toronto Star Editorial Board, (Andrew Phillips, Jordan Himelfarb, Dianne Rinehart, and Scott Colby). This is a quick post in response to the Toronto Star Editorial Board’s recent Sidewalk Toronto oped. The Star piece is titled: We Shouldn’t Settle for More of the Same on

Sidewalk Labs, the Candidate

Sidewalk Labs, the Candidate By Sean McDonald and Bianca Wylie Normally when we convey open-ended power over public spaces and policies, we do so to candidates through democratic election. In the Sidewalk Toronto case, through an open-ended request for proposal, that power may be offered